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ICS works with customers and consulting partners to deliver NICE solutions throughout the U.S. and Canada. We offer ICS Cloud Hosting and on-premise installation. ICS services everything we sell, and we can partner with consultants to implement the entire NICE portfolio quickly and effectively.  
ICS improves customer experiences through better systems. From Call Routing, Call Recording and Quality Monitoring to state-of-the-art Analytics, Workforce Management, Workforce Optimization, Quality Management and Robotic Process Automation, ICS provides award-winning, white-glove expertise. 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) connects state-of-the-art software and legacy data systems to create faster, zero-defect data flows that speed up contact resolution, capture more customers and reduce costs.

Workforce Management Solutions capable of driving the performance, effectiveness and efficiency of your entire enterprise workforce.

Cloud Hosting is the fastest way to install and deploy NICE solutions – in weeks instead of months.

Performance management solutions combine analytics, planning and reporting to enable service organizations to analyze the business.

Analytics that will accurately search, identify, and draw conclusions from a single pool of audio, chat, e-mail, and text interactions.

“ICS has by far the best customer service out of all the vendors I work with – truly exceptional!” – Kathy Schweigart, Telecommunications Analyst at Aqua Services
“Ken and the folks at ICS have always provided exceptional, honest and professional services to me and my organization.” – Robert S., AAA
“We have been extremely pleased with the level of support we receive…”
Linda R., ETS