About ICS

We make NICE work.

ICS a three-time NICE Services Partner of the Year and the #1 NICE-certified installer and service provider in the U.S

ICS was founded in 2007. We started with call recording, and we now support every aspect of contact center management including support for legal, reporting, and compliance requirements.

As pioneers in the business of contact center management, ICS has installed and supported solutions as large as 6000 seats for financial, insurance, healthcare, consumer product, and other companies that require efficient, recorded, and reportable voice, web, chat, and other customer interactions.

Key accomplishments include:

ICS is the #1 NICE-Certified Service Provider.

› ICS is the Only NICE Platinum Training Provider in U.S. & Canada.

› NICE is the #1 Solution Provider for Contact Centers.

› We make NICE work for you.

ICS Management

Ken Kiernan Co-Founder & President Ken Kiernan co-founded ICS, and serves as our President. Under Ken’s leadership, ICS has grown by double digits every year, and has expanded nationally to over 150 major accounts by continuously developing its contact center support offerings. Before co-founding ICS, Ken was a top sales representative with a regional contact center provider, served as the telecommunications manager for a travel organization with fourteen locations, and was the Director of Contact Centers for a national public company.
Keith Wagner Co-Founder & EVP, Operations & Support Keith Wagner co-founded ICS, and serves as our Executive Vice President. Under Keith’s leadership, ICS has grown its professional services support team to be the best in the industry. Before co-founding ICS, Keith served as the Operations and Support Manager of a major NICE Partner, and has focused on the NICE product line since its introduction in the U.S. Keith has an extensive background in electronics and IT, and is an industry leader in supporting Microsoft and NICE solutions.
Lorraine McIntyre Executive Director Lorraine joined ICS in 2010, and has helped to manage the administration and growth of the company. Prior to joining ICS, Lorraine worked for over twenty years in customer service, and her customer service background has helped to define ICS. Lorraine has worked in education, retail, and for a utility company. If you have a background in contact center management sales or support, please contact Lorraine. We are always seeking great people.
Glenn Paul VP, Marketing Glenn is responsible for ICS’ marketing strategy and press engagement. He has founded and led several companies including Clancy-Paul Computers, QwikQuote software, dotPhoto.com, and Textler Software. Prior to joining ICS, Glenn served as VP, Marketing for Gentell, a wound care manufacturer. He was the President of the Association of Better Computer Dealers and the president of the Association of Imaging Executives.  Glenn holds a BA in English Literature from Princeton University.