How ICS makes your contact center a profit center

APRIL 6, 2017

Call centers now manage every aspect of customer experience – calls, chats, emails, and web site interaction – all recorded and analyzed for compliance. And yet many companies ignore this primary point of customer contact at their peril: in one study, 73% of customers deliberately chose to end a relationship because of the poor service they received from a contact center.

You know the drill: you call the 800 number, provide your account information, sit on hold, and are greeted by an agent who asks you to repeat the account information you just entered. Then you are transferred to another agent, and you repeat the entire process. It’s maddening.

ICS will help ensure that your customers have the best possible experience with your contact center. We streamline the call path and improve first call resolution.

Most contact centers are awash with software – from predictive dialers, CRM databases and workforce management tools to sales order processing platforms, credit card security applications and automated voice response systems. If the software is poorly integrated, agents are presented an overly complex solution that is difficult and frustrating.

ICS will improve your software integration and simplify the job for your agents, so they can be more efficient and deliver an optimal customer experience.

Today, consumers use more than phone and mail to get their message across; they demand your attention through email, text and multiple social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. Contact centers are struggling to keep up. They have difficulties identifying which channels to focus on, and often don’t have the people resource available to manage the different channels effectively. With digital and social channels reshaping customer expectations, it is harder for contact centers to meet customer expectations. And, with evolving customer expectations, customer attrition tends to increase. Customers expect immediate service through their preferred channel.

ICS can help you manage multiple customer channels, record and report customer interactions through multiple channels, and reduce customer attrition.

Contact centers are overflowing with customer data, and they require many reports to satisfy multiple departments. Sales and marketing require reports on outbound sales performance, finance require reports on the operational cost of the call center, and the information technology team want reports on operational performance of the call center. With so many separate reports, getting accurate and consistent reporting becomes a major, time-consuming challenge for contact center managers.

ICS can analyze and manage a timely reporting system that informs your department heads and satisfies your compliance requirements.

Accurately forecasting the demand of workforce is critical for call center success. Under-staffing increases customer attrition and over-staffing increases costs. By predicting the number of agents required at a given point of time, call centers can optimize workforce and cost. The real challenge is to identify peaks and troughs of inbound call volume and to assign agents accordingly.

ICS can improve your work force optimization to boost productivity, maintain customer satisfaction, and make your contact center a profit center.