NICE Names its N.A. Partner of the Year

Knowing Your Customer

In today’s fast paced world, where decisions are made quickly, ensuring data is accessible is a top priority for business leaders. According to research from Aberdeen Group, companies that eliminate data segregation are more likely to improve both year-over-year revenue and profits. With the next iteration of Nexidia Analytics, NICE is helping to lead the charge.

Customers demand a unified interaction analytics platform that will accurately search, identify, and draw conclusions from a single pool of audio, chat, e-mail, and text interactions. Not only does Nexidia Analytics provide best-in-class text and speech analysis, it’s one of the first tools of its kind that truly offers common metrics and a single interface that enables users to seamlessly organize, analyze and operationalize this data.

Using this powerful toolset, you will be able to answer questions such as:

▪     Exactly why are customers contacting our company? What are the product or process issues that need to be addressed?
▪     What sales offers have we been making? Which ones resonate with which prospects and customers – and why?
▪     What competitive intelligence can we gather from our customers?
▪     Which agents excel at customer service and what makes them successful?

Nexidia Analytics provides more than the missing piece of the puzzle – it assembles the puzzle, providing vital agent and customer behavioral data found in contact center interactions from sources including audio, chat, e-mail, SMS, surveys and social media. By placing all of these data sources in a single pane of glass, businesses can identify correlations, view trends, uncover root causes, build predictive models, and draw the conclusions that empower them to approach their customers in new and innovative ways.