Why Customer Experience Heroes?

January 4, 2023 12:01 am


Our country has a customer service crisis.
Ask anyone: they will tell you about a horrendous customer experience they had in the last week – hours on the phone, frustration, lack of resolution, and a determination to find a new supplier. It’s in the news: another leading company has lost billions of dollars in market cap and future sales because their logistics and customer experience systems failed.

At ICS, we are passionate about efficient, excellent customer experiences.
Our name reflects our dedication to exceptional customer experience. And you can reach us in just five letters – ICS.cx

Our customers trust ICS. Yes, they really trust us.
When we survey our customers, they tell us that they chose ICS because they know ICS will get the job done and keep their systems running. We help design systems that delight customers. We deliver solutions quickly, and we maintain reliable systems.

Why the hero figure?
We aspire to be customer service heroes and to help our customers deliver world-beating customer experiences. Frankly, customer service is so poor everywhere that companies that deliver great service are notable – even heroic.

The ICS Value Proposition
ICS will enhance your company’s value. Your customers will have a superior experience, and, in those difficult times that eventually face every organization, your systems will resolve problems efficiently and reliably. Customer experience is at the core of every company’s value. Since 2007, ICS has developed the knowledge to control your operational costs and the wisdom to contribute to your company’s value.

Become a hero to your customers. ICS will help.

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