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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) connects state-of-the-art software and legacy data systems to create faster, zero-defect data flows that speed up contact resolution, capture more customers and reduce costs.  

This new wave of interconnected cognitive systems will fundamentally change business in the next ten years. Succeeding in that environment will involve everyone in your organization, which is why we’re distributing this free booklet:

Robotic Process Automation for Dummies explains:

• What is Robotic Process Automation?

• What should people expect from RPA?

• How will RPA change and improve the workplace?

• How can you get started?

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What exactly is RPA?

RPA software performs automated tasks that, for instance, ensure compliance, fill out forms, suggest solutions, generate reports and handle analytics. Virtually any repetitive task in a contact center or back office can be sped up and streamlined with Robotic Process Automation. 

Contact centers that embrace RPA are already saving millions of agent minutes and speeding up contact resolutions. Of course, RPA is bigger than contact centers, but they’re a great place to start. Companies that lead in RPA will grow and create new opportunities in this this age of artificial intelligence and automation. 

NICE is superior to other RPA

› Empower Employees. Improve Service. NICE provides the only solution that delivers both desktop (attended) and server (unattended) automations, so employees can focus on productivity – not processing.
› Discover New Optimization Opportunities. You first have to know what can and should be automated. NICE automatically helps you map employee activities and processes, identifying where automation is the key to immediate (NICE Automation Finder) and long-term optimization (NICE Desktop Analytics).
› Get the Full Value of Integration. Robotic Automation seamlessly integrates with NICE’s leading solutions for analytics, workforce optimization and case management, for maximum value and innovation.
› Scale Up with Unmatched Experience. With over 500,000 robots, more than 400 customers, and over 15 years of experience, NICE brings the value of automation to enterprises. And when it’s time to scale up, NICE makes it easy and efficient to quickly meet your changing needs.

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Why ICS?

The worldwide leader in RPA is NICE Limited, and ICS Analytics has been named NICE Partner of the Year three times. We have the engineers, trainers, and 24/7 resources to help you acquire, install and optimize robotic process automation – one of the most exciting and important technologies in our lifetimes. ICS can super-charge your RPA initiatives.

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